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Join my Mighty Network The Mindset & Performance Community.

Dris MI

I'm creating e-Coaching Sessions for Athletes and Young Professionals

Join my Mighty Network The Mindset & Performance Community.

About Me

Hi, It's Dris here.

I am a passionate surfer and ocean lover. I have always been interested in human behaviour. Friends know me for my calm energy, my analytical approach to things, and my positive and growth mindset. My coaching methodology is straightforward and practical. I use proven coaching techniques where I blend NLP and traditional tools for more significant impact, and our easygoing and relaxed work environment will be helpful for a deep and safe connection.

I’m an expert in coaching young professionals who are stagnating and stuck. I’m a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner with multiple NLP Master Practitioner Coaching and Social and Emotional Intelligence Certifications. I also hold a degree in advertising and international business.

These days you will find me surfing early morning lineups, and during the day teaching ambitious people on how to thrive.

Why You Should Join Me

I created this (free for a limited time) membership community to offer you a Weekly LIVE Group and One-on-One e-Coaching to answer your questions by chat text. You can message me privately, or write openly in the group and get accountability from like-minded members that I will be monitoring closely.

Additionally, you will get monthly challenges, webinars, video courses and full access to my resource library to continue developing yourself.

Early members will get a lifetime free access, and a chance to win a 1:1 three months Coaching plan.

Join the Community to get:

  • Weekly LIVE Group and One-on-One e-Coaching to answer your questions via chat text
  • Full access to my resource library
  • Monthly challenges to develop yourself
  • Webinars and video courses

The e-Coaching sessions are available to anyone around the world. For clients based in US and Canada, I will do my best to connect at times that are convenient for all time zones.

A Big Thanks

I am very thankful for your generous contribution. It will allow us to stay connected through this platform and fueling you with new content material.

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